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Our approach
Our approach
A solid value system is what makes Start & Go a new exellence in the area of consulting sand a place of stimulating and rewarding job

We are motivated and committed

We stimulate the development of autonomy, knowledge and personal skills of team members. We share the same objectives and we are all committed, in all roles, to achieve them with passion and dedication, in order to build a unique and high-performance company

The strategic, methodic and analytic approach joins specialised skills and pragmatic values and action orientation, to be able to bring our Clients sustainable, concrete and measurable results

We edge the whole E2E value chain: from the strategic setting to the actual execution with the three following approaches


Tailor Made

We offer solutions that respond to the specific need of our Clients and the peculiarity of the referred context where they operate.

Deliverable based

Our focus is on deliverables: we realize measurable indicators which demostrate our added value for our Client.


The high ratio of realized deliverables and time spent represent our qualificant factor.

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